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Performance Northwest was started in 1999 as a wholesale distributor for the Powersports industry. Over the years we have grown and explored new markets, and with the addition of TOTAL Specialty Lubricants in 2004, we have shifted our focus to Passenger Car, Heavy Duty, Agricultural, Forestry, and Food Grade Lubricants as well as Metalworking Fluids. We offer the most extensive product mix paired with bulk delivery, at the most competitive prices in Oregon.

In addition to the TOTAL Specialty Lubricant product line, we also distribute TORCO Advanced Racing Oils, specifically formulated for high performance gasoline, alcohol, and nitro-methane race engines & transmissions.

K-100 Fuel Treatments, which is an amazing product line used to eliminate water build-up and many other problems associated with Bio-diesel and Ethanol blend gasoline.

C-tek battery chargers, a true "smart charger" specifically designed not to overcharge.

Permatex, a leader in automotive adhesives and gasketing.

EZ Hold Utility Jugs, Firestik Safety Flags, and Rip-Rod Safety Flags round out our Motorcycle/ATV product lines.

OR-SORB is our 100% NATURAL SPILL ABSORBENT made from Oregon Hazelnut Shells. It's a USDA BioPreferredĀ® Certified Biobased Product, fully bio-degradable, non-toxic, and pet safe. Finely ground for rapid absorbtion of oils, fuels, solvents, paints, and coolant spills. USDA

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